Why your small business needs a website
When clients can find you online, with a quality (not complicated) website that’s up to date, it makes them feel instantly more at ease as it gives the impression that you have some clout and professionalism. When this is integrated with a well-established Google My Business account, and relevant social media pages, then more people are likely to find you. And if your website is their first port of call, it needs to give a good first impression and an accurate depiction of your business.
A Competitive Advantage
Having a website will instantly set you apart from your competition. If people choose to compare their options, and find you online, you’re significantly more likely to get the business. A website gives you the opportunity to convince customers why they should choose you over someone else, and if you already stand out from the crowd, it won’t take much convincing. Easy navigation, useful information and easy to find contact details are a few simple things that will make visiting your website a pleasant experience, and give you even more of a competitive edge.
A Constant Access Point
Your business can’t be running 24/7, but your website can. So, if someone happens to be searching for more information while they’re tucked in bed, they’ll find everything they need to know in one place. It’s also suitable for when people want to find out more before giving you a call, because calls are SUCH a commitment these days. You can even set up a chatbot to answer simple questions so that your website is still working hard even when you’ve closed your doors for the day.
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