Good news gazette

There are loads of scary news stories out there right now. We thought we’d brighten up your day with some good news stories that have been drowned out by all the negative noise.

Like this story of an orphaned baby rhino saved in the Kruger National Park – between poachers, a herd of angry elephants and a pride of lions, this little Rhino was lucky to be rescued just in time. Read the full story and watch the incredible video footage.

Small acts of kindness can have a big impact. That’s why John, a student accommodation landlord, went viral when he gave each of his “excellent tenants” a 20% bonus upon returning their deposits. He added, “if they carry on how they did in my house they will be fine people.”  Read more about John’s moving gesture here.

Last but not least, a billboard in Times Square, New York, displayed artwork created by children as part of a campaign to support essential workers. The campaign showed appreciation to those working hard on the front lines, but it also put big smiles on little faces.  Read more about 7-year-old Kelli-Rose Simpson Forde’s featured artwork here.

We hope, at the least, we’ve put a smile on your face, and at the most, inspired you to put some positive energy into the world with your own acts of kindness. No matter how big or how small, if an act of kindness makes one person’s day better, then it was well worth it.

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